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Phytoplankton * & Zooplankton
  • Identhification and counts (genus level) $ 80.00
  • Identification and counts (species level) $ 110.00
  • Calculations $ 80.00
  • Total (genus level) $ 160.00
  • Total (species level) $ 190.00

* Prices for phytoplankton analyses refers to whole water samples only. Additional fee per sample is charged for net tow or filtered samples.


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  • Identification and counts (genus level) $ 100.00
  • Identification and counts (species level) $130.00
  • Calculations $85.00
  • Total (genus level) $ 185.00
  • Total (species level) $ 215.00
All Other Services

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  • Please contact us for rates for services not listed above.
Pricing Details

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Prices are given per unit sample for the type of sample and level of identification. Sample analyses involve routine identification, enumeration and calculations of density (units L-1 liter for phytoplankton and units cm-2 for periphyton) and biomass (mg m-3 for phytoplankton and µg or mg cm-2 for periphyton) for each taxon.

Please note that all prices quoted are in Canadian dollars, and are exclusive of 15% HST (Canadian Government Harmonized Goods and Services Tax). HST is applicable to Canadian clients only. Unit prices are negotiable. Volume discounts are also available. 

Reports are delivered in electronic form (on diskettes) in Microsoft Excel and as hard copy, but can also be provided in formats tailored to meet client’s special needs.

Company Policies: Shipment, Sample Storage & Retention

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  • Shipment: It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that samples are delivered to the premises of Bio-Limno in proper form. Bio-Limno will not accept responsibility for any broken, damaged or leaked samples.
  • Storage and Retention: Samples will be stored and retained by Bio-Limno for a period of 45 days from the date of submission of reports. At the end of this retention period, samples will be disposed off, if no prior instructions to the contrary are received from the client. Longer term storage may be arranged with Bio-Limno at a fee.
  • There is a charge for the return shipment of coolers sent to Bio-Limno. If you do not want your cooler(s) to be returned to you and to avoid the return shipment charge, please advise Bio-Limno accordingly.

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